About Us

Xi’An Street Foods(GNS姑娘手) is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in inheriting, researching, producing and selling snacks of north west China.

it is headquartered in Fuzhou, China. GNS’s core product offering is Roujiamo, and its major products include cold rice noodles, millet congee, hot and sour rice noodles, minced noodles and etc. , which are all full of north west China flavors

After 4 years of experiencing and growing since it was founded in 2012, GNS has established its own market share and gained excellent reputation in Fuzhou area.

The tastemaker of north west China

As well as its featured core Rojiamo offing, GNS has the diversity of snacks from all over north west China, so it can bring traditional and fashionable dining experience to its young generation customers.

GNS’s heritage of north west style snacks is not rigid but active-minded. It makes each and every snack with authentic north west flavor and characteristic fashion the same time.

GNS is not only the heir of north west style snacks, it is the tastemaker of the north west China

Now GNS has 30 outlets countrywide in China.

With the help of modern technology and management philosophy, GNS will keep providing fast, relaxed, healthy and stylish dining experience to its customers.

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